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Large Sweet Grass Lidded Basket with Recycled Woven Accent- Mixed Colors

Handwoven from Senegal sweet grass and repurposed colorful plastic. These high impact baskets are beautiful and unique.  The recycled plastic is sourced from discarded prayer mats used during the Muslim prayers.

Each basket is 100% unique! Colors will vary from piece to piece.  Variations are to be expected and treasured.

  • Measures approximately 13 inches wide and 14-16 inches tall.

  • No two are identical.

  • Color schemes will vary and may contain a bright pop of color.


Story behind the Art

Senegal, Africa is a predominantly Muslim country; pray is held five times per day and held no matter where one might be.  You will see people pull out their mats on the street and in shops during prayer time.  The prayer mats are made from plastic and easily fold into a bag -- these are laid on the ground or floor while praying. The mats are also used for social gatherings.  The colorful mats are a cultural staple.  Once the mat reaches the end of its useful life, it's collected, cleaned, and melted into the bright and beautiful strips we use for our baskets. The basketry work is very detailed -- artisans in Senegal weave sweet grass into the coils that stack together to make the form of the basket.  Each coil is bound together with recycled cords, crafted from recycled mat plastic.  Some baskets are bright and colorful; others are neutral. 


More from This Maker : Gitzell