Gourd Guiro Rasp - Jamtown World Instruments


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Hand-decorated by Peruvian artisans using age-old fire-burning techniques, this guiro is made from a hollowed gourd and is a rasp that is played by scraping the included stick along the ridges to make sound. The piece is approximately 11 inches in length.

Meet the Artisans

Metal Artisan in Haiti The Jamtown vision sees people in North America creating music with friends and family. Not fancy rock songs or orchestra performances, just a little music. Starting with our motto "Play A Beat You Can Repeat" we make it easy and fun for kids AND adults to join the band. Our instruments are special, authentic, and beautifully crafted. Each is handmade ~ from countries all over the world. Artisans utilize ancient knowledge and natural, sustainable materials like bamboo, gourds, and seeds. For the cost of a single cheap guitar, which no one will use, pass out cool instruments to a group of friends and expect to sound good,and feel good! As a member of the Fair Trade Federation we work with small producer groups from developing countries and provide important support to low-income families through fair wages and other valuable assistance.

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