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Hand Painted Mug, Uzima Design

We think your favorite coffee or tea tastes better when enjoyed in a Fair Trade handmade mug! This ceramic cup is handpainted in the Uzima, or "energetic," design to compliment your decor and bring a little color and spark to your day.

Product Features:

  • Measures 3.5" x 4.5".
  • Handmade in South Africa.
  • UZIMA stands for vitality, power and energy. Whether zebra skin, guinea fowl feather, cheetah skin, porcupine bristles or mysterious traces, the patterns were inspired by the infinitely rich wildlife of Africa and look almost animalistic.

Meet the Maker : Nobunto
NOBUNTO is a South African Fair Trade company that creates high quality hand-painted candles, ceramics and handcrafted greeting cards with the utmost attention to detail... read more