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BIO Imaginarte - Environmentally Sustainable Fair Trade

by Renice Jones April 11, 2016

Every year on April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day.  We talk about environmental concerns like global warming, maybe participate in cleaning up a nearby park or waterway, or at the very least think twice as we toss something that could be recycled.  But coming up with solutions to environmental concerns, particularly garbage, is becoming a much more proactive activity in developing countries.

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The Path Often Traveled – Why Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Find Fair Trade

by Renice Jones February 25, 2016

A popular T-shirt of returned Peace Corps volunteers says “Some see the glass half full, others half empty.  A PCV sees a shower.” It’s safe to say this unusual outlook on the world helps explain why RPCVs are often drawn to Fair Trade.  You might not be able to pick them out at the Fair Trade Federation conference because of their Birkenstocks and bad haircuts, but the desire to help people in the country where they served and others who are challenged with poverty stays with them for a lifetime and fits amazingly well with the Fair Trade principles.

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Silk Road Bazaar's Zooties

by Renice Jones February 10, 2016

“Zooties®.” Is it just me or is the word almost as fun to say as these cute baby booties must be to wear?  Artisans and craftspeople in Kyrgyzstan have a talent for producing felt from wool and turning it into much-coveted carpets – why not make something else that takes up the space between one’s foot and the floor, even if it’s a tiny little foot?  Each time I think there can’t be another animal, vegetable, or mineral turned into a baby bootie, there it is!  Zootie lasagna!

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