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Soapstone Round Solitaire Game with Marbles

This beautiful solitaire game board is unique and functional.  A fun game for the entire family!  Beautifully hand-carved by artisans in Kisii, Kenya, this is a great piece to leave out on a table or bookshelf, ready to play.  Each marble has been carved by hand and each is slightly different making the game even more interesting.  Wonderful, unique and ethical gift.

Product Features:

  • Measures approximately: 6 inch diameter,
  • Soapstone marbles vary in size.
  • Set of 2 ( game board and game pieces).
  • Due to the handmade nature, actual size of each piece will vary slightly. 
  • Soapstone is a soft stone, making it easy to carve into many forms. Handle with care to avoid breakage.
  • Fair Trade.

Because a variety of communities carve the statue, expect designs variations and color variation in the natural stone.   

Story Behind the Art:

Kisii soapstone is one of the most well-known artforms from East Africa.  A hand-carved piece of art from the Kisii region of Kenya is a real treasure.  Soapstone is mined from the Tabaka Hills and then carved by talented artisans into many designs that are beautiful and some functional.  Laborers work with shovels, picks, axes and machetes to carve out large soapstone chucks.  The large pieces of stone are cut using pangas (large knives) and then brought to the workshop for carving and finishing.  The soapstone from the Tabaka Hills come in a range of colors from white to pink to grey.  As it is crafted, it goes through multiple stages of sanding and waxing which gives the soapstone a satiny finish. Each etching is intricately carved by hand. 




Meet the Maker : SMOLArt
Our Soapstone is carved by the artists of SMOLArt a group of artists who live in the rural village of Tabaka, Kenya, the heart of... read more