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Bolga Tote, Neutrals with Leather Handle - 14-inch

The U-shopper basket is the perfect tote, beach bag, shopper, everyday bag, or home decor basket.  The beautiful bolga baskets are hand-woven in small villages of Ghana, a tradition passed down from generation to generation. They are woven out of renewable resources, including banana leaf and elephant grass, which grow abundantly in the region. Each basket is hand woven and 100% unique! The leather handle is treated using an all-natural process (either dyed and oiled or painted). Note that handle colors will vary and may range from black to an oiled red color.  Variations are to be expected and treasured. Baskets are sturdy, strong, and flexible. If properly cared for, your basket will live a long life.

Product Details:

  • Medium U-Shopper basket measures approx 13-14 inches across and 7-8" deep.

  • The basket is washable and collapsible.

  • No two are exactly alike. Exact style you receive may vary from images shown.

  • Colors may vary due to nature of the natural coloring of the grass.

  • Shopper baskets are shipped flat and may require reshaping. To reshape, completely wet the basket in your bathtub or a large utility sink. Once it is saturated, shape it, putting something heavy in it to hold the shape you want, and let it dry.

More from This Maker : Gitzell