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More from This Maker : Esther Karioki

Esther Karioki

Colorful Banana Fiber Kenya Nativity Set with Box

This Nativity set is lovingly handcrafted out of banana fiber and comes in a 5 by 7 inch handmade banana fiber "barn" backdrop and storage box.  Banana fiber is a beautiful and sustainable material that has a tortoise shell finish.  Each nativity character is beautifully dressed in traditional African fabrics and secured to a stand.  

  • 7-piece set plus display and storage box
  •  Box Measures approximately: 7x5x2 inches 
  • Actual pieces may vary slightly in color, size or shape due to the handmade nature of each piece. 

The Story Behind the Art:

Women in the villages in Kenya, near Kitui, are educated and trained on the handmade craft of recycling the dried fiber of banana plants, which would normally be discarded. They use their talents to transform the banana fiber into new, eco-friendly art forms. First, the banana fiber is dried, and then a light varnish is applied. The varnish on the banana fiber, with its many shades of brown, resembles textured tortoise shell. Once the process is complete, the artisans cut the fiber into strips to make one-of-a-kind goods.


More from This Maker : Esther Karioki