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Global Groove Life

Handmade Felt Trivet: Oatmeal

These hand-crafted felt trivets are great for the kitchen or dining table.  These are true works of art!  Crafted from fine New Zealand wool and azo-free dyes using age-old hand-felt techniques. Handmade in Nepal by a Fair Trade women's cooperative.

  • Color: Light Brown. 
  • Size: Each coaster is approx. 7.75 inch in diameter
  • Care: Spot clean as needed. Do not machine wash or dry.

The Art of Felting:

The first step to creating these beautiful felt pieces begins with gathering some of the world’s finest sheep’s wool from New Zealand. Making felted wool is an ages-old, time-consuming process of bonding fabric with fiber. This is a physical job where the artisan’s scrub, rub, roll and rinse the wool again and again with soapy water.

Once the wool is bound into a sheet and the desired thickness is complete, the felt is laid out to dry. From there, the felt wool is cut and re-worked into many complex shapes and designs. The many sheets of wool might merge several colors to create patterns and layers. This takes a well-trained, talented artisan and is a true labor of love. The end results are colorful, one-of-a-kind textiles that are stunning to behold.

More from This Maker : Global Groove Life