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Global Crafts Large and Small Sun Circle Wall Decor, Pink Burst

The Sun Circle Wall Decor from the Wokongora Collection (Wokongora means “beautiful” in the local language) is elegantly hand woven by artisans in Malawi, Africa. Each high-impact design is made from harvested mulaza palm leaves which are dried, threaded, and then dyed to create a beautiful masterpiece.  The fact that this can take an artisan up to five days to make one piece underscores just how special this is.

This beautifully woven piece was created by talented weavers from Malawi, Africa using age-old basketry techniques that have been a cornerstone of African communities since the beginning of time.  Baskets have long been used to transport water, food, and goods (typically atop the head).  The art is made from local mulaza palm leaves that are harvested, dried, threaded, and dyed.  The painstaking detail of each coil, sunburst, or stitch is evident in the intricate designs; one piece can take five days to complete.  It’s common in the villages to see groups of artisans under the shade of mango trees working collectively

  • Set of Two.
  • Large Measures approximately 47 inches diameter.
  • Medium Measures approximately 35.5 inches diameter.
  • Hanging loop on back. 
  • Care: Created from natural materials, some parts of the palm may have small breaks or frays in them. Simply trim the ends as needed with a pair of sharp scissors or garden shears. Avoid placing in direct sunlight, as doing so may cause the delicate dye to fade.
  • Socially Responsible/Fair Trade: Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa with heavy reliance on agriculture.  With few other industries, food scarcity is a real issue when climate negatively impacts crops.  Purchasing this piece continues to support the age-old crafts of Malawi and create new economic opportunities.


Meet the Makers 

Meet the talented weavers from Malawi, Africa who create the Global Crafts Wokongora Collection (meaning “beautiful” in the local language). They live in southern Malawi in villages far away from the hustle and bustle of modern Western societies. With no electricity, the rhythm of the day is centered around the sun and early risings to gather fresh water. Life is simple with emphasis on family and community. Groups gather under mango trees and work collectively.  If it rains, work stops and life pauses.  These pieces of art travelled long and far to grace your home. The artform celebrates age-old basketry that has been a cornerstone of African communities since the beginning of time. Baskets have long been used to transport water, food, and goods (typically atop the head).  Enjoy your treasured art.  Purchases create economic opportunities in one of of Africa's poorest countries while celebrating traditional craftwork.

This is handmade art; please expect small variations from product to product.  Each item is a unique work of art. 

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