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Global Crafts Sun Plate Wall Decor Rainbow, Set of 3

Add handcrafted beauty to your life while also helping others with this Sun Plate Wall Decor from Global Crafts. This elegant piece was hand woven by artisans in Malawi, Africa. Each design is made from harvested mulaza palm leaves which are dried, threaded, and then dyed to create a beautiful masterpiece. Because each piece is made completely by hand, there may be small variations from product to product, ensuring that each item is a unique work of art. Created from natural materials, some parts of the palm may have small breaks or frays in them. Simply trim the ends as needed with a pair of sharp scissors or garden shears. Avoid placing in direct sunlight, as doing so may cause the delicate dye to fade. By purchasing this ethically sourced product, you are directly supporting the artisans who created it by encouraging a practice where people, profit, and the environment are valued equally. Display this lovely piece in your home or office and it will make for an eye-catching attraction. For a work of art made with love, get this Sun Plate Wall Decor from Global Crafts. ONE OF A KIND: Each of these spectacular woven creations is completely unique from any other. Minor details may vary from product to product as a result of it being handmade. This piece has traveled long and far to grace your home.

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